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Rev. Cecilia Rodarte

Grief/Spiritual Counselor, Minister, Reiki Master

Trainee Support and Education.

Bilingual- English and Spanish

My Story

 Rev. Cecilia left her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri to dance in St. Louis Municipal Opera Musicals at age 18 years. New York City was next to continue a dancing profession that took her worldwide. 

       Her daughter was born in 1971 changing her life. She reentered academia to pursue a teaching degree in art education and film studies. When a teacher’s salary was not sufficient for a single mother she started film work in the 1980’s. In this she succeeded for 20 years as a set decorator and art director in film and television. 

        In the mid 1990’s Rev. Cecilia began metaphysic studies receiving a Reiki Master Degree. A ministerial degree followed. During her film work Rev. Cecilia longed to do deeper spiritual work and serve the community more. She retired from film and Television to do ministry. 

       Rev. Cecilia worked from early the 2000’s in hospice services as a bereavement counselor and chaplain until 2022. 

  • 2002-2012 Elizabeth Hospice, Escondido

  • 2013-2020 Hospice of the North Coast

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