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California Grief Therapy Center Inc.

is a non-profit 501(c) (3)

dedicated to providing low-cost grief therapy and groups to those seeking help. We understand that grief comes in many forms, loss of a loved one, a divorce and even loss of a job.

We are here to hold space for you.

We Understand and Honor Your Needs


About Me

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you having a hard time sleeping because of anxiety?

Has grief left you feeling like their is a hole inside your heart?

You don't feel the same and you don't know what you want. I get that!

I have heard from many clients who are grieving the loss of a job, a loved one or a divorce, that they don’t know themselves anymore. They feel stuck. As a bereavement counselor, I saw this feeling regularly. It can be difficult redefining one's life after a loss.

It inspired me to write a workbook for my clients, Becoming Unstuck.

I can help you discover your unique coping tools. 

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


Our Team


I have worked with individuals and couples for over 15 years using a variety of modalities to help clients and couples resolve core issues. EMDR is an evidence-based modality that helps individuals heal from trauma quickly and permanently so that clients can return to a healthier place and enjoy relationships.


I have a passion for helping people heal from past traumas and finding peace and connection in their lives. I have trained in a number of modalities, including EMDR, to work with many different types of struggles that come from the painfulI believe that health in the mind and health in the body are connected.


"I highly recommend Mira as a therapist. She is a blessing to work with, caring, kind, and knowledgeable. I am forever grateful to her."

"As an oncology nurse practitioner, I deal with many patients and significant others who are dealing with grief and loss. Often it is difficult to process the feelings of loss alone. Mira is a caring,  compassionate person who provides a safe space for you to process and work through the grief. I highly recommend Mira and the services she provides."


"Mira is an excellent therapist and very compassionate person. She made me feel very comfortable within minutes of meeting her and did an amazing job explaining what to expect. She's great at helping settle nerves and creating a welcoming and healing environment,"


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