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Phone number: 619-800-1818

Group therapy


Thank You for coming to our Donation page. 
We greatly appreciate your help in providing low-cost therapy and low-cost grief groups to those in need. We get several calls from the community looking for low-cost grief therapy, especially after the last three years. There are people grieving the loss of family members, grieving a divorce or even job loss. 
There are many programs available for low-cost therapy, but programs offering specifically low-cost grief counseling are extremely limited.
Grief therapy is very different, as grief has its own language and attributes. We are trained in grief group protocol and hold each group with the highest regard for our clients. We are dedicated to providing a service for this tremendous need.

Our grief groups are run by experienced and qualified Associate Marriage Family Therapist that require the last of their hours for licensing. They have knowledge of the grieving process and some come from a hospice background. 

California Grief Therapy Center is fulfilling needs of those grieving  along with the requirements of the  Associate Marriage Family Therapy community. 

We are very grateful for your support!

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